In a Word: Cacti

Cacti Flower Friday by Jeff Hamm

I have a secret obsession with cacti. I am not sure why I keep this fascination a secret. It may have something to do with my guilt about accidentally killing a cute little cactus last year. I am definitely one of those people that can kill a cactus. Which is unfortunate because I love them so.

cacti / roundup by Katie Wade

So I satiate my cacti appetite by browsing lovely cacti images on the web. I love the color range found in succulents and so many artists capture the amazing colors of cacti. There is something sweet about the individuality of each cactus but the fact that cacti on the whole have such recognizable characteristics.  I do not become particularly attached to plants but for some reason, each cactus seems to have it’s own personality that draws me in.

Did you know some cacti can live as long as 300 years? You might think that would involve some seriously wrinkled skin but it seems the secret to aging well is moisture retention. (That was a sad little joke. Could I at least get a pity laugh?) For more cactus facts, visit here.

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2 replies on “In a Word: Cacti

  1. I love little cactuses, too :D I have this cool hanging one I got from my grandma. Stuck the pot inside an old clay drainage pipe set on end :)

  2. I thought i was the only one, i am SO obsessed with them and i always have been, i have like 30 in the house. I keep mine secret too lol. I dont know why there is something so right about them.

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