In a Word: Rocks

When I was a kid I used to collect rocks. I would spend my time outside in search of the most magnificent rocks. If they were sparkly, smooth or had a unique shape I quickly snatched them up, dusted them off and placed them carefully in my rock box where they sat for many years.

I have since set my rock collection free and placed them back in nature where they belong — or at least where some other curious little kid can start their own collection. While I haven’t gathered rocks of my own in a while, I still appreciate their unique beauty. I wouldn’t mind picking up all of these rocks for a new collection.

rocks / roundup by Jamie Bartlett

About Jamie Bartlett

Jamie is a graphic designer and co-founder of A Pair of Pears, a blog and design company based in Los Angeles, CA. She and her husband started their blog as a way for them to share their adventures and all things design. Since college, they've both fallen in love with letterpress printing, and now have two presses of their own.

3 replies on “In a Word: Rocks

  1. I used to collect rocks as well when I was a kid. My motivation of picking up a certain rock was very similar of yours: If it was pretty, smooth, sparkly or in a curious shape (like a heart or something) I would put it in my pocket.

    Oh! Now I must write about this a bit more for my blog. Thank you for reminding me about this and for the inspiration!

    Also yes, I agree. Wouldn’t mind picking these rocks in to my pockets as well. :)

  2. My poor husband. We’ve got a pile of rocks on the dining room table and little boxes of rocks all over the house :) and then there are the lichen covered sticks… ;D

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