In a Word: Strawberry

Brownie Pizza by I Am Baker

Strawberries are like the popular middle-school girls of fruit-land. How many times have you seen someone draw a smiley face on a cantaloupe? None. Strawberries are the cutest fruit, right? Don’t try to tell me you think oranges are cuter. No way. Strawberries have held celebrity status in our society for centuries.

And for good reason. They can be whatever you want — sophisticated, cute, sweet, sexy … but I have to admit, I don’t actually like strawberries. I love strawberry flavor/juice but I cannot handle the texture of strawberry seeds (this is the story of my life — can’t handle food textures). This texture-phobia does not stop me from enjoying the sweet, delicious flavor of strawberry. Strawberry jelly + peanut butter on toast? DONE. Gimme, gimme. And I’ll take that strawberry stuffie from Art Goodies, too.

strawberry roundup by Katie Wade

I just learned that the average strawberry has 200 seeds. Sounds like my worst nightmare. Learn more strawberry trivia here.

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  1. Hold up, strawberry honey butter? That sounds unreal …in a good way :)

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