Little Lief

Halter top and petal skirt by Little Lief

Any of you with little ones, especially little girls know that there comes a time when they want to go through several wardrobe changes, as if they’re going to be in a photo shoot or walking the runway Every. Single. Day. This usually entails a lot of dresses to pick up off the floor and though it be frustrating at times, more than anything it brings a smile to my face because my daughter’s imagination is through the roof. Sometimes she’s a pirate, a greek goddess, or a woodland fairy — sometimes all three at the same time!

I happened upon the delightful line of clothing by Little Lief via Simplesong and fell in love with their spring 2012 collection, available for purchase at Sweet William. I think if I were my daughter’s age, I’d probably go through several wardrobe changes in a day with Little Lief’s cute collection, wanting to wear each piece at least once each day. I secretly wish these came in grown-up sizes because they are adorable and a half.

Little Lief - Spring 2012 Collection

A mighty big thanks to Ilana for sharing these wonderful photos of her products with us.

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