Potted Lavender

Photo by Julie Blanner


  • pots
  • saucers
  • paint
  • foam brush
  • lavender
  • soil
  • (optional) cactus rocks

[editor’s note]: Today’s tutorial comes from Julie Blanner, an event planner and designer from Kansas City, and blogger behind Coordinately Yours, where she “shares inspirations and tips for entertaining, home, weddings and events”.

Potted lavender is perfect for home and makes a great gift or favor.  The fragrance is unmistakable and welcoming and they require minimal care.

DIY lavender pots by Julie Blanner


Paint your pots and saucers — keep in mind you don’t have to cover the inside completely.

Add your plant, fill the area around it with soil and add rocks if you wish.

For gifting, add care instructions.

Click here for the free printable.

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  1. Hello! I was wondering what color paint is it that you used? I looked at all of the Martha Stewart satin paint and couldn’t figure it out. Thanks!

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