Proud Mary

Photo by Sully Sullivan for Proud Mary

I spotted a lovely new collection from Harper Poe of Proud Mary over at Design Sponge last week and fell madly in love with the phenomenal product photos captured and styled by Sully Sullivan. The story behind this collection is touching, too. Harper, who works 

with and avidly supports artisans worldwide, went to Mail, West Africa, which is currently in a state of political turmoil, for a month where amazing artisans from a crochet cooperative, tie-dye cooperative, and traditional mud cloth workshop helped create the new line.

new collection from Proud Mary / photos by Sully Sullivan

Shop Proud Mary’s new collection and pop over to Harper’s blog for further inspirational photos and find out a little bit more about the current political state Mali is in.

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  1. This collection is remarkable and I LOVE that Harper is doing incredible work by empowering artisans across the globe.

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