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Oh. My!

I was flicking through an old Homes & Gardens (the British version) circa 2009, looking for inspiration for Dearest Nature. I scribbled down ‘Living Stones’ and a website address. I don’t really remember what these living stones were … and unfortunately, the website is non existent.


But! Using my powers of investigation and sheer braininess (aka I ‘Google it’) I found something.

1. Living Stones are really cool succulents and 2. Smarin


Smarin is a workshop started, I’m guessing, by designer Stéphanie Marin. Quoting from the  Smarin website, “Stephanie Marin focused very early on eco-design … she proposes a universe that is non-conformist, playful and dreamlike.”

Labelled as ‘Editions’,  Smarin has so many products that reflect natural forms in a surrealistic manner.


I’m pretty sure I want my house to be filled to the brim with these Living Stones… and how fun does the eating tree look?

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Jasmine is a maker, crafter, ceramicist, wife, knitter, origami amateur, and Master Chef in the making (if Master Chef only included making vegetarian food). Visit her blog for lively inspiration.

3 replies on “Smarin

  1. So cool! My kids would get a kick out of jumping into a huge pile of soft stones, haha.

  2. Awesome find :) I love the fun factor and yet at the same time how relaxing and soothing they look too.

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