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I would like to introduce you to something a little different today. A little while ago I was searching for some website inspiration and came across the beauty that is Cat Rabbit.

I was immediatly in love with the super cute photos, layout, and logo. It wasn’t until I clicked on Menagerie that I realised exactly what Cat Rabbit did.

p.s. How cool is the name?

*Mind… BLOWN*

stuffed toys by Cat Rabbit

Are these little guys not the cutest things you have ever seen?!

So today, I wanted to share with you a little email interview I did with Cat from Cat Rabbit:

ME: Where did you get the idea to make these guys from?

CAT: I started making plush versions of the little illustrated characters I would draw in the margins of my schoolbooks while I was at University around 2004. They started out as gifts for friends and then I moved into selling them in stores and markets, participating in exhibitions and now, 8 years later, I am making them full time.

I had never dared to hope I could make a living doing something so fun, but here I am. Pretty lucky I guess!

Feathered warrior by Cat Rabbit

ME: What inspires you?

CAT: I am super inspired by my friends that make things: I share a studio with the brilliant Andrea Innocent and Catherine Campbell who are constant sources of inspiration and also very tolerant of my felty mess. I am also inspired by animals, particularly pugs.

ME: Explain a little bit about your process. 

CAT: I usually start from a sketch – I particularly like drawing the outfits I want to dress my characters in. I don’t use a pattern as such, it’s more of a sculptural process where I add bits as I go along. They very rarely look the same as the original sketch, but that means the end product is always a nice surprise!

ME: What’s your favourite colour?

CAT: I have a few favourite colours on rotation: duck egg blue, sunshiney yellow, peach and brick red. All those colours together would be dreamy.

ME: Your website and logo is top notch, who designed it?

CAT: A Tasmanian design collective called Floating World. They are friends of mine and so it was a real pleasure working with people who really understood what I did and could communicate it through my site and logo so well. They have now disbanded to do amazing things as individual designers.

Cat Rabbit

Thanks Cat for taking the time to answer my questions. Love your work and always look forward to seeing your latest creations!

Make sure you go check out Cat Rabbit’s store for all the cuteness.

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