Following Your Heart

Photo by Debbie of In Whirl of Inspiration

[editor’s note]: Here’s a special guest post from Debbie of In Whirl of Inspiration.

A long time ago, with a friend of mine we started to see heart shaped objects all around us. They were everywhere, in every possible form, in our food, in nature, in the objects around us, etc. Only this year we decided to share them as a project. Anyway, this project of ours taught me something really special: that out there in the wild, there are things that you would love, small details that nobody else has observed, which are waiting for you to discover them. And when I mean out there, I mean in both flora and fauna, in nature and in the people around you. Be an observer, a seeker of precious moments and a collector of magical memories! Catch the beauty in the air; details of everyday life which may seem insignificant, but they are essential for the whole image’s balanced composition.

Sometimes, I catch myself thinking of what I am thinking, a kind of judgment of my thoughts, a criticism by the inner me. In such moments, I tend to focus on the background of the “image”. A day at the park, for a cup of coffee and some relaxation, flocks of birds flying together, a suite in Si minore for the wind through the fresh spring leaves, supported by the sopranos of the local bird society, my friends’ reflective grimace when they drink their very cold coffee, sun’s reflection in my glass of water — hey, is this a little rainbow? — me walking barefoot on the damp grass. These kids that are playing with their baby ducks and these two adorable old ladies that are kniting on the bench under the sweet sun rays.

However, I can’t guarantee you that you will only notice delights for your heart and soul. You could also see this bony homeless old man, who has all his valuables in a super market’s trolley, taking small, careful bites of a loaf of bread and your heart will break. You could also see these little fragile sparrows, kids who should play now and instead of that they are begging for a cent. You can see in their eyes mixed feelings of jealously and desire.

in whirl of inspiration

That’s what I was talking about, small instant doses of everyday love, pain, happiness and suffering. Life. So start the watching thing instead of the just seeing one, it’s worthy!

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5 replies on “Following Your Heart

  1. Oh feel touched now. I tend to get shocked when I all this bitterness around me too…

  2. Great article; totally reminds me to be more aware of the beauty in everyday life and be thankful for all that I have.

  3. This is beautiful and very true. Details are incredibly essential and I love reading what other people notice and appreciate. <3

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