In a Word: Cinnamon

Photo by Fotoos Van Robin

This is really not the time of the year to be gazing at cinnamon photos. I know Christmas is still six months away. However, I stumbled across this DIY face mask that uses cinnamon and I started thinking about cinnamon in a different way. And then I made french toast (for the first time!) tonight and I added a bit of cinnamon. So I just had to share — cinnamon is not just for winter! You guys already had this realization and are rolling your eyes at me, huh?

cinnamon roundup by Katie Wade

Here are some reasons cinnamon is good year-round. Supposedly cinnamon can lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. It can also kill bacteria and prevent infections. And it smells good. Plus ground cinnamon is yummy when combined with sugar. Not so yummy otherwise. Cinnamon sticks also make for pretty decor. Cinnamon buns/rolls/pretzels are heavenly. Need I go on?

P.S. Did you know cinnamon strips are called ‘quills’? And they can be stored for hundreds of years in the proper conditions! So cool — learn more about cinnamon here.

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  1. What an amazingly informative post.. I’m a big fan of cinnamon. A dash of cinnamon with a teaspoon of honey also soothes the stomach. I use it when my son has a tummy ache

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