In a Word: Shells

She sells seashells by the sea shore.

Now say that 5 times fast. It’s a tongue twister. I can hardly read it let alone say it more than once. Shells have always amazed me; they’re beautiful, little creatures live inside of them and you can even hear the sound of the ocean if you listen closely. Pretty cool, huh? I always have so much fun visiting the beach and searching for shells. It feel like a little treasure hunt. I still have a shell that I saved from my first visit to the ocean years ago. I’m sentimental like that.

shells roundup by Jamie Bartlett

While searching for images for this post I was pleasantly surprised with how many lovely shell things are out there both to purchase and to make. I’m really loving the little shell necklace and you can’t tell me those shell pets aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen. They remind me of Marcel the Shell With Shoes on. If you haven’t seen him before you should check him out here.

About Jamie Bartlett

Jamie is a graphic designer and co-founder of A Pair of Pears, a blog and design company based in Los Angeles, CA. She and her husband started their blog as a way for them to share their adventures and all things design. Since college, they've both fallen in love with letterpress printing, and now have two presses of their own.

6 replies on “In a Word: Shells

  1. Love seashells and love this post so much Jamie! That first image grabbed me, its just gorgeous! :) thanks for including our little seashell pets. :)

  2. Shell collecting is so much fun and I’ve been doing it myself for years, along with crafting with them. However, I’m always fascinated by the new things that people create with them, like Marcel. Great imagination!

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