Jennifer Bain

Ying Yang by Jennifer Bain

As the North American seasons begin to change from spring to summer, it seems to me the perfect time to indulge in the inspirational work of artist Jennifer Bain. Featured recently on Artsy Forager, Bain is an artist who has really come into her own. In the past she experimented with various styles of art, including geometric works full of hard shapes, as well as a soft abstract approach to nature.

seekers by Jennifer Bain

In 2008 the artist began to play with layers of organic images. By 2011 her portfolio was filled with exquisite collages of butterflies, birds, insects and numerous flowers. Bain thoughtfully names the following images with cosmically impressive titles such as “Seekers,” “Distant Star” and “New World.” And indeed viewers will discover a new world of wonder within her work.

Distant Stars by Jennifer Bain

New World by Jennifer Bain

If the aforementioned artworks are grandiose in title and theme, then the following are balanced in their attention to minute details. “Pollinators,” “Circut,” “Same Cloth” and “Blue Stock” focus on one specific aspect of each work. They remind us of the interconnectedness of nature and the subtle ways in which each species plays its role.

pollinators, same cloth, circut, and blue stock by Jennifer Bain

Bain uses a variety of techniques in order to create her final product. She paints, draws, fills some subject matter with beautiful textures and leaves others blank. The result are fresh and crisp images — the perfect inspiration for beginning summer projects!

collage by Jennifer Bain

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