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Illustration by Michelle Morin

Now that summer has arrived I’m trying to ride my bike or walk to work as much as possible. I’m convinced that I’m getting a tan already but it’s likely just the tinted moisturizer I’m using! Aside from the glorious sunshine that summer brings, there is also a plethora of greenery and trees full of flitting fowls to admire. Sometimes, when I’m in a really good mood on my walks, the birds make me feel as if I am Cinderella. I am convinced that at any moment they will bring forth a ball gown in their tiny beaks and whistle to me that I am late for the ball (when in actuality, I’m just late for work).

works by michelle morin / shared by kaitlyn webb patience

Watercolorist Michelle Morin has developed a certain intimacy with fowl and flora as well. She is an artist who takes notice of nature in its entirety — from tiny insects, to lush leaves, unique flowers, birds of all sizes and even the various breeds of whales within the sea.

works by michelle morin / shared by kaitlyn webb patience

Currently residing in Salem, Massachusetts with her painter fiancé, Michelle is one of the most masterful watercolorists I have come across. Unlike so many watercolor paintings, which involve delineated blocks of color; Michelle does not fear the layering of paint. She even uses lighter colors on top of dark — a technique which takes a great deal of patience while waiting for the initial foundation to dry. All of this is necessary however, to create these beautifully detailed images.

michelle morin / shared by kaitlyn webb patience

When looking at these scenes, note the detail within every feather and leaf. Morin’s time spent working at a plant farm and greenhouse is entirely evident in the way she portrays nature. All of these are available in print format in Michelle’s Etsy shop United Thread.

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