1000 Steps Beach

Photo by Donaville Herrick

Photo info

  • Location: 1000 Steps Beach (South Laguna Beach, California)
  • Camera used: Nikon D90
  • Lens used: Sigma 30mm f1.4

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go on a mini vacation (sans the little dearests!) with the Mr. for a couple days. We hadn’t really planned out where we were going, so we decided to keep it relatively close — a hop, skip, and jump away over along the coast of southern Orange County. We started the vacation with a night’s stay in San Clemente and the next day we drove up Pacific Coast Highway and made our first stop in southern Laguna Beach, to a little secluded area called the 1000 Steps Beach.

We walked down a flight of about twelve stairs, which I imagine is where the beach derives its name (though there aren’t actually 1000 steps), to reach the beach. It’s much easier going down the steps than back up if you’re out of shape like me — two days after climbing up, my calves were still in pain. Here’s a shot of the Mr. descending the stairs and I know, they don’t look daunting from that angle.

The beach itself is surrounded by tidepools, caves and countless moss/algae-covered rocks like in the picture shown above. I love the way the green really pops out against the dark, watery rocks.

If you ever find yourself in south Laguna Beach, be sure to check out 1000 Steps Beach. It’s the perfect place to relax and hang out for a few hours or half a day enjoying the sound of crashing waves on the rocks.

About Donaville Herrick

Donaville is the Founder of Dearest Nature and also Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hello Hello Hi. When visions of nature and web design aren't dancing in her head, she enjoys spending time with her three munchkins, baking cupcakes, and trying her hand at various crafts. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated with her day-to-day musings.

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