Color in the Summer Heat

Photo by Chris Stetson

Photo Info

  • Camera used: Canon T2i
  • Lens: Vintage Olympus F. Zuiko 50mm f/1.8
  • Edited in Lightroom 4

With summer now in full swing it’s getting hot and where I live, it’s getting dry. This time of year there isn’t much that stays green through the heat, and it can be a lot of work and water trying to keep things green.

So at our house we just let nature do it’s thing and let stuff go dormant and wait for the colors and greenery to return in the spring. I’ll admit it does get a little bland having mostly brown and orange all around, so when I saw this big leafy green vine growing through the field it definitely caught my eye. I grabbed a few shots with my camera and then went to my father-in-law because he can basically tell you anything you want to know, and then some about any plant. He’s like a walking plant encyclopedia.

Here’s a little bit of what he told me. The plant is called a Buffalo Gourd, it uses almost no water and is a perennial which means it grows from the same root system every year. It has long stems that trail can trail along the ground for several yards, with the small round gourds which grow to 3-4 inches in diameter. That’s about where the fun stops, the leaves will give off an offensive odor when touched and the fruit is not edible. But it does make for a nice spot of color during the summer heat.

About Chris Stetson

Chris is a photographer and graphic artist living in Temecula, CA. He grew up in a small beach town called Carpinteria which is just south of Santa Barbara, CA. He doesn't remember a time in his life when he wasn't doing something creative, whether it was drawing, painting, playing music, or playing around with cameras.

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