Experimental Photography by Luka Klikovac

Photo by Luka Klikovac

Brace yourselves for some of the most incredible experimental photography ever. When I first laid eyes on these photos by Luka Klikovac, I thought I was looking at computer-generated, 3D renderings. Experimenting with light, water, and color, Luka Klikovac captured each stunning photo in a glass of water!

Branimir Karanovic writes: “His imagination, artistic sensibility and knowingly caused “randomness” in a glass of water, lead viewers to an endless adventure, full of surreal and timeless scenes. When experimenting with light Luka Klikovac creates an illusion of the polar illumination that springs out from hidden fountains.”

I see jellyfish and the aurora borealis, how about you?

Luka Klikovac

Many more breathtaking photos over at Luka Klikovac’s portfolio on Behance, all of which are available for purchase.

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