Handmade Embellished Card

Photo by Anastasia Marie


  • large scallop circle punch
  • medium circle punch
  • scissors
  • paint + paintbrushes
  • puff squares tape
  • glue
  • white cardstock

Before I got my digital cutting machine, every card and set of stationery I made was hand-cut with a pair of scissors. Even now I sometimes prefer that sort of method when creating the various layers I need for my paper goods. Just recently, a gal asked me if I could show her a way to make a 3D flower for a card she was making … without having to use a digital cutting machine.

I’ll just share one of my methods with you all here.

handmade embellished card by Anastasia Marie


Step One: Punch three scallop circles and three plain circles from the white cardstock.

Step Two: Take your scissors and cut slits around the scallop circles, leaving the middle portion uncut. Use each groove of the scallop to guide you where to cut. This creates your petals. Do the same with your plain circles to create fringe-style petals. Bend some of the petals up on each cut piece to create a pop-up effect.

Step Three: Paint the tips of the bent-up petals of the scallop piece one color and the un-bent petals a different coordinating color. Paint the tips of the plain circle piece a third color. Or you make things simpler by use just one color for everything. It’s totally up to you. Repeat this process for each of the pieces. Let dry.

Step Four: Apply one puff square to the middle of each scallop piece. Secure a smaller circle piece on top. Voila! A 3D flower is born.

Step Five: Score and fold a piece of white cardstock that is cut to the size of card you want. Dab a bit of glue on the back of each flower and secure onto the front of the card.

And there you have it! An easy-peasy DIY card. These look best paired up with kraft envelopes to give the card an even more handmade look. Just don’t forget to stamp the back of the card with your name before you give it away.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

About Anastasia Marie Mikailenko

Anastasia Marie is crazy about paper and anything that pairs up good with paper. So yes, that means pencils and tape are included. She runs a little company named Anastasia Marie, a stationery + design studio specializing in custom handcrafted paper-cut cards and wedding + social stationery.

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  2. You are talking to me on this one! I love my cricut which I got in January this year, but my scissors are still one of my best crafting friends!
    This is so cute, simple and totally great. Thanks for the post.

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