Herriott Grace

Large serving spoon by Herriott Grace

Herriott Grace is a father/daughter team producing amazing one off wooden and ceramic pieces. Lance and Nikole Herriott live 3400 kilometers apart: his workshop is in Victoria, British Columbia, and her studio is in Toronto, Ontario.

The products, ranging from spoons to bowl, chopping boards to rolling pins, are gorgeous in their irregularity and have a delightful handmade, unique feel.

products by Herriott Grace

They are inspired by homesteads and farms and early morning light. By travel, via train and old world hotels. By well-worn tables and the meals around them. But most of all, by tradition, by trees and by things made by hand.

I could just about stock my whole house with this loveliness!

products by Herriott Grace

And how delightful is the styling and photography, all done by Nikole.

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Jasmine is a maker, crafter, ceramicist, wife, knitter, origami amateur, and Master Chef in the making (if Master Chef only included making vegetarian food). Visit her blog for lively inspiration.

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