In a Word: Basil

I’m kind of on a slight basil kick right now. Ok, maybe not so slight. Probably because It’s the only thing I’ve grow that seems to flourish.

I bought a large plant of it at Trader Joes. Not only does basil have so many uses, the smell of it is just devine. It might just be my favorite herb. I would highly suggest making strawberry basil lemonade or adding it as a topping to your next homemade pizza. Trust me on this one folks, you won’t regret it.

basil roundup by Jamie Bartlett

What are some things you use basil for? I would love to hear your ideas. I have a whole plant to use up.

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Jamie is a graphic designer and co-founder of A Pair of Pears, a blog and design company based in Los Angeles, CA. She and her husband started their blog as a way for them to share their adventures and all things design. Since college, they've both fallen in love with letterpress printing, and now have two presses of their own.

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