In a Word: Fog

Fog weather photo via Stuff in the Air

We were on vacation in Disney World last week. Although the sun came out, the last couple of days were overcast. But I think I prefer that. Cool winds, a light fog and grey skies? That is my cup of tea. What is your favorite kind of weather?

fog roundup by Katie Wade

When you think of your favorite weather, you think of all the things that go along with it to make the perfect day, right? Thinking of a cool, foggy morning immediately makes me long for a delicious pastry/drink combination. With the right outfit and a mug of something tasty, a foggy morning is the best. Did you know there are different types of fog? Yep, one of them is our breath!

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Katie is the creative spirit behind Lemon Jitters, a blog dedicated to all things crafty. Her interests are ever-changing and currently include: an obsession with kitschy kitchen timers, digital design, eating lots of chocolate and paper crafting.

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