Nature-inspired Workspaces

Farrah Sit’s workspace via Etsy (check out Farrah’s shop here)

If I had a greener thumb, my workspace would probably resemble a greenhouse, something along the lines of where several of Brittany Campbell’s (of The Home Ground) shop items were photographed. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t mind living in a greenhouse like that, though I’d have to remember not to throw stones nor wear my birthday suit in it.

Here’s a glimpse at a handful of creative folks who have carefully (that is, not gone overboard like I probably would if given the chance!) and artfully incorporated nature and nature-inspired objects into their workspaces.

nature-inspired workspaces

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2 replies on “Nature-inspired Workspaces

  1. This is exactly what I need right now! We’re finally finishing the upstairs and will be able to move all of our furniture out of my studio, which means I’ll be able to start getting settled in. I want it to feel as one-with-nature as possible, I feel like this post was just for me :)

    P.S. Thanks for the little shout-out, and I was having the same exact thoughts during our shoots at the greenhouse! I had decided that one day I would have a greenhouse, so I definitely know what you’re saying.

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