An Ocean-Themed Birthday

Cupcakes, decorations, and photos by Donaville Herrick

Supplies for decorations:

  • 2 packages of blue and green crepe paper streamers
  • Tissue paper in teal, light blue, and mint green
  • White plastic table cloth
  • Tape, scissors

As promised, here is a look at my daughter’s fourth birthday party.

Throwing parties for little ones can be costly, especially if there’s a specific theme involved. My daughter asked for a mermaid/ocean-themed party, and after researching what it would cost for decorations and desserts, we were looking at spending well into the hundreds of dollars.

Ouch! said our wallets.

So instead of shelling out $hundreds, the Mr. and I decided to take the DIY route and make the decorations and and desserts, nothing over-the-top, and we spent about $30 in all the decorations and desserts. Yes, $30.

ocean-themed birthday dessert table by Donaville Herrick / featured on

All decorations (streamers, tissue paper, and table cloth) totalled under $10 and desserts (DIY cupcake, DIY clam cake, and store-bought madeleines) were another $20.

ocean-themed birthday party / featured on

The birthday girl had fun helping out with decorating (and eating) the desserts, too.

The inspiration:

  • The water: inspiration for the water was from this waterfall backdrop from this wedding featured on Ruffled.
  • The seaweed: I borrowed the idea for the seaweed from this birthday party (really fun activities/ideas in that party).
  • The tissue paper pom poms: We initially wanted to hang the sea-urchin pom poms from the ceiling, but then I had a last-minute idea to place the pom poms separately behind the desserts. I followed an easy how-to from Martha Stewart (each one takes about 5 – 10 minutes to make)
  • The cupcakes: sea urchin cupcakes were inspired by these sea urchin cakes from this amazing mermaid party.

About Donaville Herrick

Donaville is the Founder of Dearest Nature and also Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hello Hello Hi. When visions of nature and web design aren't dancing in her head, she enjoys spending time with her three munchkins, baking cupcakes, and trying her hand at various crafts. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated with her day-to-day musings.

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  2. Looks great! I like those cupcakes, the pearls were a good idea for the sea urchin and sea star designs.

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