Color Crush: Tan and White

Llama fine art photograph by Lucy Snowe Photography

Tan is a color you’ll find in abundance in my closet, it’s in my top three of favorite colors, and though I know that black is commonly said to match anything, in all honesty I think tan goes superbly with any color and outfit. I think it adds a layer of elegance. Think about it neon pink with tan? And neon pink with black. Which sounds more ’80s and which sounds a little more refined?

Without further adieu, here’s a slew of tan (and white) art, photos, accessories and more from some of my favorite artists.

tan and white color crush

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6 replies on “Color Crush: Tan and White

  1. Aaah! I want that llama (or is it an alpaca?). So cute … in the snow. At least it’s already dressed up in wool.

    What a fantabulous color combination … and not really limited to a season.

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