El jardín del Ángel

Photo by Serena Olivieri

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  • Calle de las Huertas 2
    28012 Madrid
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I discovered this wonderful flower shop right in the center of Madrid, Spain: El jardín del ángel, meaning, The Angel’s Garden. I actually knew this place existed, I’ve always wanted to enter and take a look, but I didn’t — ’til today!

The Angel's Garden in Madrid, Spain / photos by Serena Olivieri

I was amazed by its atmosphere: imagine a little green house with a small garden outside, surrounded by taller buildings in the center of bustling touristic Madrid. Plants everywhere, wooden furniture, some vintage chairs … even the air was cooler than outside. A beautiful place to stop and relax a bit.

The Angel's Garden in Madrid, Spain / photos by Serena Olivieri

The history of this place is also very interesting. According to the website, right beneath this greenhouse there was a cemetery for at least 300 years. It was closed around 1889 and the cemetery was moved, then the near San Sebastian church decided to rent it to the Martín family, which opend a flower shop that passed through generation for over 100 years!

The Angel's Garden in Madrid, Spain / photos by Serena Olivieri

I hope you enjoy these pictures and the flavour that comes from them!

About Serena Olivieri

Serena came back to Spain after a year travelling around Asia full of ideas and colours. She studied art history in Italy and worked around Spain for several exhibitions and museums, but after that trip she wanted to start making something! So she did. She's always illustrated and painted: her mother is an artisan in Italy. She would say she found her way of producing prototypes for further series of paper products by following the handmade trial and error way. To learn more about Serena, visit her website.

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  1. Nice pics and nice place. It reminds me of the book “the secret garden” ;) thank you for sharing!!

  2. This looks like a neat place to visit and relax. I like the historical photos, too and how the place has stayed true to its roots and hasn’t tried to modernize itself with modern-day architecture.

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