Fig, Goat Cheese & Pistachio

Photo via Styled. by A Subtle Revelry


  • figs
  • goat cheese
  • pistachios
  • honey + balsamic vinegar for sauce

I recently leafed through the latest issue of Styled by Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry and like all of the previous issues, it contains a goldmine of clever ideas and projects. I spent a good amount of time transfixed on one of the recipes: fig, goat cheese, and pistachio contributed by Lisa Thiele of With Style & Grace.

I love me some pistachios (they’re my go-to snack mixed with dried fruits) but I seldom eat figs and goat cheese. The last time I ate figs? Maybe a few months ago in a fig newton (hardly counts as eating a fig, I know). And goat cheese? I don’t recall ever eating the stuff. But after peering at these photos, I think I might be eating it soon … and a whole lot of it!

fig, goat cheese, pistachio recipe by Lisa Thiele via Styled / featured on

For those of you in my boat, this is a recipe that looks delicious and will even have your eyes salivating — tears of joy, perhaps? Pop over A Subtle Revelry to view the latest issue of Styled to jot down the directions to create this beautiful recipe (pp 11 – 18).

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