In a Word: Camping

I’ve been dying to go camping all summer. It’s the perfect way to have some relaxation time and get out and enjoy nature at its best. My favorite part is sitting around the camp fire with friends and enjoying good food and fellowship. We just got a Dalmatian puppy and I’m sure he would love to come along.

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I’ve only ever camped in Colorado and now that we live in Southern California I wouldn’t mind giving beach camping a try.

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Jamie is a graphic designer and co-founder of A Pair of Pears, a blog and design company based in Los Angeles, CA. She and her husband started their blog as a way for them to share their adventures and all things design. Since college, they've both fallen in love with letterpress printing, and now have two presses of their own.

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  1. Oh Colorado.. one of my favorite places to camp. Love it! If you like camping in CO, you would like Yosemite (shouldn’t be too far from you right?). One of the most beautiful places on earth, I do say :)

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