In a Word: Cicada

Cicada wing by Lawrence Curtis

As we enter the fall season, I am reflecting on things that characterize summertime (besides the heat, of course!). The nighttime buzz of cicadas came to mind. We lived in a very rural area when I was a child and I used to find cicada shells all over the place. I always thought they were kind of icky. Later in life, I saw photos of cicadas just after molting and realized how pretty and delicate they are.

roundup of cicadas by Katie Wade / featured on

Why do you think some insects become more popular than others? The cicada is a popular insect in the world of jewelry and art. Cicada wings are beautiful but so are many other insect wings. What do you guys think? Does anyone have insight into insect popularity?

If you want to learn more about cicadas, read here. My favorite fact is that a cicada can live for 17 years!

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Katie is the creative spirit behind Lemon Jitters, a blog dedicated to all things crafty. Her interests are ever-changing and currently include: an obsession with kitschy kitchen timers, digital design, eating lots of chocolate and paper crafting.

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  1. Wow, they do have pretty wings. Some insects have had symbolic meaning throughout the ages and that’s why you see them more often than others. For instance the scarab (dung beetle) was popular among the Egyptians as it symbolized rebirth. :)

  2. Oh, wow! So beautiful. I am especially in love with that cicada wings mobile. It would look perfect in our bedroom. Thanks for sharing all of this loveliness!

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