In a Word: Dew

Taste buds by Kristie McClenny

Isn’t morning dew such a beautiful sight? It feels fresh and innocent. Dew has the same quality as a new field of snow — untouched. I work on a later-than-norm schedule so I rarely see dew. When I do, I am reminded how quiet and still it is in the morning. The air has the feeling of potential, as if the world could be entirely good for a short time.

dew roundup by Katie Wade

Dew drops are generally less than 1mm in diameter. Want to know more about dew points and dew drops? Read here.

About Katie Wade

Katie is the creative spirit behind Lemon Jitters, a blog dedicated to all things crafty. Her interests are ever-changing and currently include: an obsession with kitschy kitchen timers, digital design, eating lots of chocolate and paper crafting.

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