Michelle Bodamer’s Garden

Photo by Michelle Bodamer

[Editor’s note] I’m digging up (pardon the awful pun) our Garden Variety series which has been on the back-burner since late April of this year and starting anew, kicking things off again with photographer and marketing professional Michelle Bodamer‘s beautiful garden. You can also catch Michelle’s writings over on the art + community blog Handmade in PA.

Read on as Michelle shares photos and the story about how her garden came to be.

I’ve always marveled at gardeners and often wished I could become one myself.  Every spring I would think about learning how to start a garden but I never made the time.

When my grandmother passed away this past January I decided it was time to change my perspective and finally learn about growing flowers and vegetables. I discovered that it finally seemed possible and was more attainable than I originally thought! As someone who loves the outdoors I felt that taking the time to connect with nature through gardening would help me with the loss of my grandmother. The garden is brand new and it is our first year attempting to grow our own vegetables. My husband and I came up with a plan for the raised beds and I remember laughing as we rushed to finish them one early spring Saturday afternoon before a thunderstorm.

fruits and veggies from Michelle Bodamer's garden

I’m excited to share that so far this summer the garden has been amazing. My favorite time of the day is either first thing in the morning or right at sunset when the plants are bathed in breathtaking golden sunlight. We planned the garden for a small piece of land to the side of our home. This small space is a quiet spot between our property and our neighbors. As a photographer, I felt it was ideal for the eastern morning sunlight it would receive and the small glimpse of sunset from the west at the end of the day which makes the garden a fun subject for photographs. I can even enjoy the beauty of the garden from my kitchen window.

flowers from Michelle Bodamer's garden

Additionally, there are rewards I never could have expected from starting this project. Fragrant cut roses, flowers, and fresh picked vegetables feel like such an indulgence. Neighbors have come over with their children to check on the progress of our plants which has been a great conversation starter. We’ve enjoyed adding the vegetables to our meals and we feel that the garden is a bit of a secret place tucked away that we can enjoy at any time. We find happiness in tending to the plants and have learned so much in just a few short months. Our garden is currently growing cucumbers, tomatoes, flowers, watermelon, and hopefully pumpkins for autumn. The inspiration and happiness the garden has brought to my family has been immeasurable.

A big thanks to Michelle for sharing her garden with us. Be sure to visit Michelle’s blog where she’s been chronicling the growth of her garden.

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  1. There’s nothing like fresh-picked produce from one’s own garden and your photos are so crisp and enticing, I can smell the earth and taste the juicy strawberry! Yum!

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