Obsolete Delete

Manual typewriter by David Ellingsen

I recently came across these hauntingly beautiful installations by photographer David Ellingsen. The photos are from part one in a series entitled Obsolete Delete, which David describes is “the speed of technological obsolescence, the environment, and the collision of the two.”

It’s amazing how rapidly technology has changed within the past twenty years. Casette tapes? CRTs? Those are things my children will probably never use when they’re grown. The only technology from my childhood that I still keep with me is a VCR and VHS tapes, mostly a collection of Disney Classics that my little dearests watch on occasion, so VHS tapes aren’t something are foreign to them. But technology from my parents and grandparents past? Those are historic relics in my childrens eyes.

obsolete delete by David Ellingsen / featured on dearestnature.com

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  1. those are interestingly beautiful photographs…and such a true depiction of technology. I often think of what is new today will be SO outdated when I have kids and they are grown. They will think are technology now is “so silly”.

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