Rainbow Painted Card

Photo by Anastasia Marie


  • blank sheet of white rough paper
  • oil paints (or a paint that is easily smear-able)
  • scrap paper with straight edges
  • camera + Photoshop (or other graphics editing program like gimp)
  • smooth white paper
  • printer

I’ve been doing some painting in my studio lately. I’m putting together a new set of notecards for my shop, and I while I was at it, I put together a post for you on how to mass-produce your own painted cards.

The print I’m going to show you is one of my “play” designs as I was learning how oil paints work. But it turned out pretty fun, nonetheless.


DIY rainbow painted card by Anastasia Marie / featured on dearestnature.com


Step 1: Squeeze a bit of paint on top of your paper and smear that paint down your page with your scrap paper. Change out your colors and repeat the process until you get your rainbow. The rougher your paper, the more textured your painting will look.

Step 2: Snap a few shots of your painting (from up above) with a good digital camera. Make sure your lighting is plentiful; it helps to turn off all fluorescent lights and place your painting right next to natural light coming in through a window.

Step 3: Import your images into Photoshop and adjust the colors and white balance as desired. Choose the best one.

Step 4: Create a file in Photoshop or InDesign in the size of card you want. Place your image as desired, and print on super smooth white paper. And just for fun, you can download and print my version of the card here if you’d like!

About Anastasia Marie Mikailenko

Anastasia Marie is crazy about paper and anything that pairs up good with paper. So yes, that means pencils and tape are included. She runs a little company named Anastasia Marie, a stationery + design studio specializing in custom handcrafted paper-cut cards and wedding + social stationery.

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