Skirt Flowers

Photo by Danica Donnelly

I recently happened upon a fun project entitled Skirt Flowers by talented and creative photographer Danica Donnelly, who “can’t live without nature, music that has soul, and people who are genuine.”

The idea for Skirt Flowers was hatched early (4am!) one day and Danica couldn’t fall back to sleep. “On a blizzardy day … [Danica and her friends] trounced around [her] house with flowers as skirts and pretended it was spring.”

I love how the photos actually look dream-like, like we’re peering into one of Danica’s dreams.

skirt flowers by Danica Donnelly

Check out Danica’s portfolio for further photographic inspiration.

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  1. can you teach me or show me how its done i am trying to make one for my miss’s

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