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You could say the work of Stephanie Ryan can only described one way … gorgeous! But now that I think about it, more words come to mind: delicate, pretty, bright, bold, dreamy … ok, so a few more ways than just one!

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Stephanie discribes herself as a creative soul, a nurturer, an inspirer. She says, “through the use of simple shapes and thoughtful colors, I found that I could express a piece of myself through my art. Peaceful, serene, and beautiful are the colors that I use to express how I feel, and the simple uncomplicated shapes are the life that I am trying to obtain. It is my dream to reach people and soothe their hectic lives with quiet thoughts of inspiration.”

I love that last part about soothing — something I think all of us need at one time or another!

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Jasmine is a maker, crafter, ceramicist, wife, knitter, origami amateur, and Master Chef in the making (if Master Chef only included making vegetarian food). Visit her blog for lively inspiration.

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