The Big Dipper

Photo by Chris Stetson

Photo Info

  • Camera: Canon T2i
  • Lens: Nikon Nikkor-N 24mm f/2.8 with adaptor
  • ISO: 800
  • Exp: 8 sec

These summer nights have been exceptionally clear, especially out at our home out past wine country in Temecula. The lack of street and other city lights seems to make the stars of the night sky multiply. One night while out with the dogs I looked up and noticed one of the maybe three constellations I can name, The Big Dipper. I’ve always enjoyed looking at the stars but learning all of the constellations just went right over my head. I never really cared what they were called, or how they got their names, I just enjoyed looking up and seeing a sky full of sparkles.

I’ve also never been one to take pictures of the night sky so it took me a few tries to get what I was looking for, but I am really happy with the way this image came out. It was about 9:30PM and with the longer exposure, you get a little glimpse of the suns glow still on the horizon, not normally noticeable by the naked eye at that hour. It was so peaceful and quiet out there I think I might do it again while the night air is still warm.

Happy Summer!

About Chris Stetson

Chris is a photographer and graphic artist living in Temecula, CA. He grew up in a small beach town called Carpinteria which is just south of Santa Barbara, CA. He doesn't remember a time in his life when he wasn't doing something creative, whether it was drawing, painting, playing music, or playing around with cameras.

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