Where Colors Collide in the Pacific

Photo by Chelsea Harms

Photo Info

  • Location: Crescent City, California
  • Camera: Canon T2i
  • Lens: Canon 18-55mm
  • Filter: Zeikos UV 58mm

As a marine scientist, I spend the majority of my time in or around the ocean. However, that vast majority has been spent on the east coast of the USA and in the Caribbean. This past summer, I had the opportunity to road trip to the US west coast and spend a few nights in northern California. My first trip to the Pacific Ocean left me in awe of the beauty that in no way was anything similar to what I have experienced elsewhere.

I was fascinated particularly with the abundance of wildflowers and succulents that seemed to encompass every inch of cliff face and shoreline, adding an incredible depth of color to contrast the grey stones and chilly water. Since I wasn’t about to brave that cold ocean, I was content with spending my time on land for once, simply enjoying all the terrestrial beauty. It certainly became obvious to me why California is a much-loved natural beauty.

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About Chelsea Harms

Chelsea is a marine scientist, currently living and studying on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. She enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring the tropical island and scuba diving in the ocean. She loves to document her travels through photography and partakes in the hobby as often as possible. Although marine science is her calling, creative endeavors have always been a passion for Chelsea. She curates a blog dedicated to all things nature inspires, as well as a small and colorful eclectic online shop.

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