Wild About: August 10, 2012

Photo by Pati Mo

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m stoked to share photos from Pati Mo’s (of Pretty Talk) vacation in Portugal. She recently blogged about her trip, so if you’re planning a trip to Portugal, find out her great suggestions of things to eat, see, and visit — like the Algarve, which Pati says is “… very easy to get to … because there are many city buses that run to the beaches along the coast.”

Pati sent over additional jaw-droppingly beautiful photos to share with all of you wonderful Dearest Nature readers.

Portugal / photo by Patricia Mo

The water looks so refreshing and crystal clear!

Portugal / photo by Patricia Mo

Portugal / photo by Patricia Mo

Portugal / photo by Patricia Mo

Be sure to check out Pati’s blog post for more photos and a recap of her trip!

Other highlights from around the internets:

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I just discovered her blog from your post and I’m excited to start following her travels! Pati is creative and I love her photography!

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