Jeff Friesen

Flight by Jeff Friesen

It’s easy to fall in love with the work of Nova Scotia photographer and artist Jeff Friesen. His fine art photos and illustrations are spellbinding, to say the least. You’ll find a wide variety of neutral beauts that elicit a certain sense of hope and peace in Jeff’s shop, Follow the Raven.

Featured in publications such as Communication Arts, National Geographic Adventure, Popular Photography, and a host of others, Jeff’s inspiration behind the photos in his shop occurred while spending time exploring  and studying the outdoors with his daughter. He writes: “One autumn day we were sitting amongst fallen chestnut leaves and I was struck by their resemblance to Frank Gehry’s architecture. We gathered some leaves and brought them to my studio. I propped up the leaves by planting their stems in clay and photographed them from a low angle using window light bounced off of tin foil for a metallic effect. In the camera’s viewfinder the fading leaves became *wabi-sabi towers and temples.”

Find out more about Jeff’s inspiration and journey into discovering his passion for photographing nature over on his profile on Etsy.

fine art photography and illustration by Jeff Friesen / featured on

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