Kelly Allen

Artwork by Kelly Allen

kelly allen creates art inspired by nature. no matter what medium she uses — whether it be coloured pencils, gouache on paper or oil on canvas — allen creates a uniquely melded collage of differing species. i like to imagine a scene which is suddenly pulled inward by a vacuum until there is only white space behind and a pile of creatures crowded together before our eyes.

nature collages by Kelly Allen / featured on

in one scene a majestic dear is surrounded by tweeting birds and luscious pink and yellow flowers. he drinks from the stream as slippery blue fish slip by. in another scene, insects take over the forest at dusk until night sets and a wild wolf howls up at the moon.

nature collages by Kelly Allen / featured on

kelly’s artwork is imbued with an almost other-worldy nature. with moons, suns and black shapes filled with sparkling white stars, each piece lends itself to the fantasy that there may just be life on other planets.

About Kaitlyn Webb Patience

Kaitlyn is the editor of isavirtue blog and the creator of isavirtue stationery. Using these outlets, she shares her profound obsession with contemporary art and snail mail. She lives on Vancouver Island in the beautiful Canadian province of British Columbia — here she finds inspiration from the world around her and the spirited people within it.

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  1. Would love to see a backgrounder on Rachel Ryle whose Instagram feed is as stunning as MsPritchett/ByTheBrush. Once you see her vids, you’re hooked!

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