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Photos by Laura E. Pritchett

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October is here already and 2012 seems like a blur with life seeming like it’s passing by at 100mph! Who’s ready for a new month and a new interview? I’m ecstatic to share some wonderful photos by artist Laura E. Pritchett, whose photos immediately caught my eye on instagram.

photos by Laura E. Pritchett / featured on

To say Laura’s photos are a marvel would be a huge understatement. Each photo she captures (with her phone!) is a masterful work of art full of rich colors, liveliness, and an overwhelming sense of peace. Read on and get to know Laura a little bit more with her interview and be sure to follow Laura on instagram — she goes by the username “bythebrush” — and have a look around at her lovely artwork, too.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am from Southern, DE and am primarily self-taught as an oil painter. I have been pursuing art since childhood and began receiving portrait commissions around 14 years old. Currently, I am working on a figure series and preparing for gallery representation.

photos by Laura E. Pritchett / featured on

How would you describe your artistic style?
I hope it simply feels alive.

In paintings, I’m allowing my brush strokes to relax more and more to help create the energy that I want. I find that in my photos I apply tilt-shift in an effort to achieve a similar result. Several people have mentioned lately that I have a cinematic style – which was something I had not considered at the start, but does express my love of capturing action.

photos by Laura E. Pritchett / featured on

Who are some of your artistic influences?
I learn from many current realist painters, but am also drawn to the moodiness and controlled tones of Andrew Wyeth. I love Vermeer’s light and Monet’s palette, but I cannot choose a favorite artist. I learn from everyone. Certain music can affect me as much as visual arts do – anyone who helps me to experience life to a new dimension is an influence.

What’s one of your favorite photos you’ve captured with your phone?

photo by Laura E. Pritchett / featured on

A recent photo that I captioned “awe” is a current favorite because it was clearly God’s doing — I merely set the self-timer app to snap the photo. That sky was just something I could only stand in awe of and is a scene I am powerless to properly re-create (though I’ll probably try!).

What are three of your desert island must-haves?
I really only have one “desert island must-have:” my husband Nicholas. I’m sure that together we could figure out how to either happily survive there or get back home (smile).

What are a few things you love about nature?
I love the day-to-day unpredictability of nature, the fact that we still have so little control over it, the ability it has to spellbind me with its beauty and remind me that I am very small.

photo by Laura E. Pritchett / featured on

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  1. I love the style of your photographs. :) They are truly beautiful. Especially the last picture is a very aesthetic composition of items and colors. :) Your pictures made my day. :)

    Greets from Brisbane

  2. Wow, what a talent! Those photographs are to die for. Laura is truly wonderful :) Really, some of these take your breath away.
    And the fact they said it’s slightly cinematographic, I’d agree… it’s very much that style. Hope to see more of these and that Laura will get the reception she deserves for them.

  3. Great interview! I wanted to ask is this website still active in terms of new blog posts. Because I love this site! :)

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