Seems it Never Rains in Southern California

Southern California Rain by Donaville Herrick

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Man, it really pours sometimes in Southern California. Last weekend we had our fair share of rain, hail, and wind that knocked down a few trees in my neck of the woods. I wish it rained more often, sans the hurricane-esque effects.

The photo above is one of my favorites that I shot over seven years ago. I was spending a Friday with my older sister and her family and I was waiting in the car while she picked up her kids from school. The raindrops on the windshield of the car made for an interesting photo opportunity all on their own, but when I aimed the camera at a slightly higher angle at the blue gradient (where the windshield meets the roof of the car), the result was amazing. No post-process photoshop gradient necessary!

At the time, I owned a point and shoot Sony DSC T-11, which I nicknamed Arnold because it sounded like it could be a Terminator. It was completely harmless, with the exception of its killer macro capabilities. I fell into an obsession of shooting all sorts of macro shots of everything in nature, save for earthworms, spiders, and other creepy crawlers that make my skin crawl. I still have the camera but it has been retired, not because I upgraded to a DSLR (which I did in 2007) but because it sadly and unexpectedly stopped working one day.

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