Party Fringe

Photo by Anastasia Marie



  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • one-sided tape (matte finish)

My sister is getting married in just over a month, and this past weekend, I threw her a bridal shower. Remember two weeks ago when I was talking about doing party research and showed you one of the garlands that I was in love with? Well, here’s part two of that. I’m currently loving fringe, and wanted to create fringe garlands to hang all over the party zone. And I’m ready to share with you just how I achieved it:

party fringe DIY


1. Take a sheet of your tissue paper and fold in half, hamburger style (do folks even say that still?). Then keep folding until you’ve made a narrow strip.

2. Then let your tissue paper get fringe action! Leave about an inch and a half uncut. You’ll use this part to secure the fringe to your string.

3. Unfold the tissue fringe strip part-way and place a piece of double-sided tape inside, placing the end of your string on it, and then folding it back up.

4. Keep folding that end of your tissue fringe strip until you get get it pretty thin. Secure with your matte-finish tape.

5. Overlap that piece of tissue fringe with another piece, and interchange colors if you’d like. In time, you’ll have the prettiest garland.

Enjoy! Come see on Thursday on my blog how my sister’s bridal shower decor turned out …

[editor’s note]: Pair this DIY with Anastasia Marie’s previous hanging circles to create jellyfish for an underwater/beach-themed party!

About Anastasia Marie Mikailenko

Anastasia Marie is crazy about paper and anything that pairs up good with paper. So yes, that means pencils and tape are included. She runs a little company named Anastasia Marie, a stationery + design studio specializing in custom handcrafted paper-cut cards and wedding + social stationery.

Hanging Circles

Photo by Anastasia Marie


  • 1″ circle punch
  • neutral sewing thread
  • needle, scissors
  • glitter paper
  • shimmer paper
  • matte paper

Hello there! It’s Anastasia again of Anastasia Marie. I missed you all a couple weeks ago when I had Donaville fill in for me (wasn’t it a cute one?!). I was kept busy putting together the last few touches on my new site and brand. Did you see the shiny new Anastasia Marie yet?

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about party decor. I’ve been browsing blogs and Pinterest a lot looking for super cute ideas, and came across a few fun ones that I’m going to try sometime in the future. I especially loved the idea I found of mixing various types of paper garlands with hanging ribbon.

Here’s one of the hanging garlands that I came up with to mix and match for my next bash:

hanging circles DIY by Anastasia Marie


1. Using your circle punch, make a pile of circles out of the glitter, shimmer, and matte paper colors that you choose.

2. Thread your needle with a piece of string that is the length of the garland that you want, double up the string for extra strength. Then start stringing the circles onto your string!

3. Tie a double knot at the very bottom of your garland. I did this in the beginning so the circles wouldn’t drop off the end as I assembled the garland.

4. Hang the garlands of various lengths from the ceiling at your next party to create a party zone. Happy partying!

See you all again in two weeks!

About Anastasia Marie Mikailenko

Anastasia Marie is crazy about paper and anything that pairs up good with paper. So yes, that means pencils and tape are included. She runs a little company named Anastasia Marie, a stationery + design studio specializing in custom handcrafted paper-cut cards and wedding + social stationery.

DIY Water Lily

Photo by Serena Olivieri


  • 2 sheets of paper (solid and vellum)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • cutter
  • little brush

[editor’s note]: Serena originally created this tutorial for a spring guide that I planned on releasing on Discover Paper, but unfortunately never go around to completing the guide, at least in time to finish it this spring!

Check out the original sneak peek of this DIY over on Serena’s blog which has been quite popular in the tumblr-sphere already.

water lily DIY by Serena Olivieri


1. Draw and cut the shapes out as I did on the sheets.

2. Start with the biggest floral shape and bend the ends toward their centers.

3. Glue loose vellum petals petals to the biggest floral shape.

4. Glue all the shapes together, from the biggest to smallest.

5. For the pistil, roll the dented piece of paper and leave the last dent out, leaving it laying horizontally. You’ll glue the rest on it.

6. Glue the leaves (vellum blades) to the base of the flower.

7. Voila, you have a beautiful water lily.

About Serena Olivieri

Serena came back to Spain after a year travelling around Asia full of ideas and colours. She studied art history in Italy and worked around Spain for several exhibitions and museums, but after that trip she wanted to start making something! So she did. She's always illustrated and painted: her mother is an artisan in Italy. She would say she found her way of producing prototypes for further series of paper products by following the handmade trial and error way. To learn more about Serena, visit her website.

Eco-Friendly Birdcage Centerpiece

Photo by Donaville Herrick


  • 3 – 4 pages from a book
  • 1/2 sheet of 12″ x 12″ kraft paper
  • 3 – 4 twigs
  • bobbin
  • birdcage
  • scissors
  • glue (I used a glue gun)

This week’s DIY combines my love of two things: paper and nature. I bought a simple, unadorned small birdcage candle holder from Michael’s a little while ago and I’ve been meaning to do something with it besides sticking a tea light in it or hanging it from the ceiling (though I still might do the latter). I thought about trying my hand at creating a terrarium and growing sprouts perhaps, but I didn’t have much luck growing sprouts and terrariums can be quite messy if not contained in a jar or something providing full enclosure around the sides.

I knew I wanted to incorporate butterflies somehow, so I did a bit of research and happened upon this sensational butterfly terrarium by Sweet Paul, found via Emmaline Bride. I gathered a few twigs from the backyard, a few pages from an old book I’ve been upcycling this past month, a bobbin, and half a sheet of kraft paper (one of my favorite papers to work with) and got to work on creating a simple and eco-friendly bird cage centerpiece.


supplies & directions / photos by Donaville Herrick

1. Cut flower petals from your book pages and kraft paper (roughly 1/4″ wide by 1/2″ tall for the book pages and 3/4″ by 2″ tall for the kraft paper) and cut out three butterflies out of the book pages (roughly 3″ wide by 2″ tall).

2. Fashion flowers out of all the book page and kraft paper petals. I glued together five petals to form each flower, glueing the bottom right corner front of each petal to the bottom left corner backside of another petal. Glue together all three layers of the butterflies (not pictured).

3. Combine the book page petals with the kraft paper petals.

4. Glue a single twig (without any excess branches) to the bobbin and glue the bobbin

to the bottom of the votive holder. The bobbin gives the entire structure stability, so you don’t have to glue the twig directly to the bottom of the votive holder. Some bobbins don’t have hollow centers like the one I used, so you might have to drill a hole in the center, wide enough that the twig will fit inside. Slide the votive holder in place at the bottom of the birdcage and twist to lock.

5. Glue other twigs to the single twig. And make sure the twigs are firmly in place before you start attaching any flowers onto the piece.

6. Glue flowers along the twigs and spread them out evenly or cluster them if you like.

7. Enjoy your centerpiece!

If you aren’t planning a party or wedding anytime soon, never fear, this lovely birdcage centerpiece would make a nice addition to your bookshelf, your dining room table, suspended above your kitchen sink, in the corner of your office, or any place your heart desires.

About Donaville Herrick

Donaville is the Founder of Dearest Nature and also Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hello Hello Hi. When visions of nature and web design aren't dancing in her head, she enjoys spending time with her three munchkins, baking cupcakes, and trying her hand at various crafts. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated with her day-to-day musings.

Paper Flower Garland

Photo by Anastasia Marie


  • 1/8″ hole punch
  • An assortment of colored paper of fabric flowers
  • Gold string

Hello again! It’s Anastasia here with a second tutorial for Dearest Nature.

Even though spring starts at the end of March, it has always felt like it really came right after Easter. I think it’s because Easter has always been such a brightening holiday with all its cheer, that everything seems warmer right afterwards. The cherry blossom trees seem to just pop a little more with all their pinks hues.

This has gotten me dreaming lots about flowers. So today I felt like putting together a paper flower garland so I can bring some blooms indoors without having to worry about watering them. Live flowers never last too long in my home, unfortunately.

paper flower garland tutorial by Anastasia Marie Mikailenko


1: Punch two holes in the middle of your paper/fabric flowers. Make sure the holes have at least half a centimeter between, making the holes less likely to tear.

2: String your punched flowers onto your gold string, alternating the colors. The trick to giving this garland some volume is to tuck each flower into the one next to it. Use the space between two petals on one flower as your slit to hold the petal of another flower.

3 – 6: With this type of garland not hard to make, you’ll find yourself with a long garland in no time. It also makes for a good lei for your next Hawaiian party. Or if there’s no party coming up, go ahead and use it to spruce up your inspiration line hanging in your office. You get to call the shots here!

About Anastasia Marie Mikailenko

Anastasia Marie is crazy about paper and anything that pairs up good with paper. So yes, that means pencils and tape are included. She runs a little company named Anastasia Marie, a stationery + design studio specializing in custom handcrafted paper-cut cards and wedding + social stationery.