Wear it With: A Geological Outfit

Geological cutout dress from Anthropologie

Have you ever seen the inside of a geode? It is interesting how nature can take something that looks so rough on the outside and create a beautiful, delicate display of glittery gorgeousness on the inside.

Now there may be moments, or days when you would like to come across as more rough and tough, like a kick-butt warrior princess, but for this post I am going to appeal to the delicate femininity that is in all of us.

My inspiration for this “Wear it With” article was a gorgeous dress from Anthropologie’s website called the Geological Cutout Mini Dress. This dress not only has the same pattern as the inside of a geode, but it also expresses the exact same nature inspired color palette. And since no outfit is complete without all of its parts, below are some accessories which I have hand-picked myself to compliment this dress.

geode dress and accessories / outfit styled by Shani Griffis

About Shani Griffis

Shani is the Creative Director for a fashion magazine called Unleashed Beauty, which just further goes to show her love for the fashion industry, as well as a freelance graphic artist. She is what you would call a "Jack-of-all-Trades", who must try and do everything, doing one thing is simply not exciting enough. Some of the things she enjoys when she's not working are scuba, video games, martial arts, painting/drawing, spending time with her husband.